Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lyons View Pike Project Update

September 5, 2013 UPDATE - With utility related work in Lyons View Pike nearing completion, the City of Knoxville's paving contractor is scheduled to perform milling, paving, and striping of the roadway beginning the week of September 16. Prior to that, KUB's contractor will be making final tie-ins of the force mains and completing final "punch-list" items at various locations throughout the length of the project. In addition, Lyons Pointe Lane and areas adjacent to its intersection with Lyons View Pike will be paved by KUB's contractor and all remaining vegetation management work will be completed. Due to the rapidly changing nature and location of the work needed to close out construction and prepare for final paving, motorists should continue to use caution when traveling anywhere within the project area.

Weather permitting, it's expected the City's contractor will complete the resurfacing work and the roadway will re-open to through traffic sometime the week of September 23.

The Construction Progress Map for Zone 7 remains unchanged. Lyons View Pike remains closed to through traffic between Lakeshore Park on the west end and Colony Way on the east end. Harley Drive remains barricaded at the Lyons View Pike intersection for the duration of this project.

View Current Construction Progress Map.

Pipeline Construction installing 8" polyethylene sewer force main adjacent to Lakeshore Park

Preparing to thermally fuse 6" sewer force main

Fusing 6" sewer force main

Tree pruning underway along overhead electric circuit

Re-sodding staging area in Lakeshore Park


  1. This is such a great post! I'm so excited for Lyons View Pike to be finished. My parents are coming out to Knoxville right around the time it's estimated to be finished, and we are planning on checking it out all together. It's going to be a pretty awesome day!

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  2. We have been thinking about getting some construction on our block. It will be nice to get rid of the potholes. There is this area in the cul-de-sac that has a ton of potholes.